Flips Out for Fast and Fun 2017 Ford Focus RS

What do we here at Brondes Ford Inc. enjoy about the 2017 Focus RS, our esteemed American automaker's hot hatchback?

Well, in truth ... just about everything. In our eyes, it is quite clear that Ford delivered a doozy with this one.

And you're sure to see just what we mean after scoping the clip below. Here now to highlight some of the Focus RS's winningest qualities is Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

Chock-full of outstanding amenities, the sole trim level of the Focus RS leaves very little to be desired.

Standard equipment includes a 350-horsepower turbo-four engine, 19-inch alloy wheels, summer tires, performance brakes, adjustable suspension settings, automatic xenon headlamps, foglights, remote entry and push-button start, dual-zone auto climate control, and integrated blind-spot mirrors, just to name a few.

If you'd like to learn more about this pint-sized powerhouse, or wish to get behind the wheel of one, we encourage you to drop by our Toledo, OH dealership. Our automotive experts are ready to answer your every question about the Focus RS, or any other Ford model within the present portfolio.

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