Ford Fiesta Brings New Thrills

The preference of cars differs from one driver to another. The preference of big and powerful is important as is the small ride preference. If the latter is your preference, then the Ford Fiesta might just be the ideal vehicle. It is the smallest passenger subcompact sedan and hatchback in the Ford lineup.

The subcompact sedan comes with a new 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine. The system comes in handy with fuel economy. Ford Fiesta comes with a new brakes upgrade, tires and wheels and driving modes for you to choose from. The interior upgrade of this vehicle comes with SYNC 3, an audio system. The anti-collision system is one of the many driver safety features that this car comes with.

The new model promises new agility and comfort for you and your passengers. You can access information concerning the Ford Fiesta from our inventory or by visiting us.
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