Check Engine Light / Malfunction Indicator Lamp

A lit check engine light may show up due to an uncomplicated difficulty such as a loose gas cap, or it could warn of more serious problems, which may damage your engine.

The top five reasons the check engine light comes on, in no particular order, are:

A loose, damaged or missing gas cap:
The gas cap gasket seals the fuel system and, if damaged, can activate the check engine light.

A damaged or faulty oxygen (O2) sensor:
The O2 sensor measures the oxygen coming out of your car's exhaust. This can cost you gas mileage, and eventually damage your spark plugs and even your catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter:
This changes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Damage here translates to poor fuel economy, reduced performance, and excess pollution.

The Mass Airflow Sensor:
The Mass Airflow Sensor calculates the exact amount of air your engine needs for combustion. Problems here can damage the spark plugs, oxygen sensor, or catalytic converter.

Spark Plugs and Plug Wires:
​The spark plugs and plug wires deliver a spark into your engine's combustion chamber. Problems here result in poor mileage and performance.

A loose gas cap you can probably handle yourself. For everything else, call Brondes Ford Toledo today.

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