Tire Pressure Lights: How to Read Them and Know When to Replace

Did you know that tire pressure indicators may be faulty? The tire pressure gauge is meant to measure the load on your car's tires and make sure that the pressure is adequate to support the load. If you have unsafe driving conditions, there could be other issues at work causing you to go off the road. To check your PSI, you can go to any gas station and fill your tires with air.

However, if your tire pressure lights are going on and off despite having filled your tires with air, then you may need to have your gauges checked. You can do so by talking to a professional. You may also just need to reset your tire pressure indicator lights. You can do this by going to settings. After you have refilled your tires, it's the best way to clear out a light on your dashboard.

If you notice continuing problems with your lights, you can come to our service center at Brondes Ford Toledo located in Toledo, OH to get help and low service rates!

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