A Flat Tire Is a Pain, But Changing It Isn't That Difficult

Getting a flat tire changed doesn't require a great deal of skill or technical knowledge, but if you haven't ever done it before it can be a little bit intimidating. For anyone who has yet to experience this, here is a basic list of steps to take in order to do it:

  • Break the lug nuts loose with the lug wrench
  • Raise the vehicle with the jack
  • Remove all of the lug nuts completely
  • Slide the flat tire off
  • Put the spare tire on
  • Put the lug nuts back on
  • Lower the vehicle back to the ground
  • Re-tighten the lug nuts completely

So as you can see, changing out a tire really isn't all that difficult. Most any driver should be able to accomplish it. If you have any questions about changing a tire on your vehicle then contact the service experts here at Brondes Ford Toledo in Toledo, OH.

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